Need a Beanie, Take a Beanie

Blue Beanie Day toque by Kevin Cornell

Happy Blue Beanie Day 2013! What’s that you say? You’ve no blue beanie of your very own? You’ve got the otherwise perfect photo to show your support for Blue Beanie Day and web standards, but (alas!) no blue headgear? Not to worry!

Open Photoshop or your other favorite image editing software and crown your cranium with a virtual blue beanie hand crafted by A List Apart illustrator (and our favorite visual genius) Kevin Cornell. Download the zipped Photoshop file here (45KB PSD). Also suitable for pasting atop those illustrated avatars the kids use on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

Once you’ve perfected your pic, you can share it on this very website— then upload it to Instagram (avec hashtag #bbd13), and then post it to this year’s Blue Beanie Day photo group on Flickr.

And remember: Blue Beanie Day comes but once a year, but web standards will make you every day.

In other news: