Old Gold: Sixth Annual Blue Beanie Day

In this rapidly unfolding age of multiple device platforms and web access experiences, standards are more important than ever, even as they come under renewed pressure. There will always be those who proclaim that standards are a failed process, an obstruction, an anachronism. The desire to go faster and be shinier will always tempt developers to run down proprietary box canyons.

But so too will there always be those of us who remember the madness that lies that way. Come November 30th, thousands of us will don our blue beanies. I hope you’ll be among us.

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Old Gold: Today we wear blue hats celebrating web standards on Blue Beanie Day

Today is the 6th annual Blue Beanie Day and we join web fans from around the world in wearing blue hats. We first thought that we will all look like Smurfs in the Pingdom HQ today, but Smurfs (at least most of them) have white hats, not blue.

We at Pingdom want to make the web faster and more reliable, and working with web standards can certainly be a key part of accomplishing this. Pingdom wants to be a good web citizens and make sure our sites work and display correctly for as many users as possible.

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IFTTT to Remember Blue Beanie Day

Thanks to @JuanMediavilla, it’s easy to remember Blue Beanie Day 2014.

IFTTT Recipe: Blue Beanie Day Twitter Profile Pic Update connects date-time to twitter


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Need a Beanie, Take a Beanie

Blue Beanie Day toque by Kevin Cornell

Happy Blue Beanie Day 2013! What’s that you say? You’ve no blue beanie of your very own? You’ve got the otherwise perfect photo to show your support for Blue Beanie Day and web standards, but (alas!) no blue headgear? Not to worry!

Open Photoshop or your other favorite image editing software and crown your cranium with a virtual blue beanie hand crafted by A List Apart illustrator (and our favorite visual genius) Kevin Cornell. Download the zipped Photoshop file here (45KB PSD). Also suitable for pasting atop those illustrated avatars the kids use on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

Once you’ve perfected your pic, you can share it on this very website— then upload it to Instagram (avec hashtag #bbd13), and then post it to this year’s Blue Beanie Day photo group on Flickr.

And remember: Blue Beanie Day comes but once a year, but web standards will make you every day.

In other news:

A Blue Beanie Day Haiku

Do not tell me I
Am source of your browser woes.
Template validates.


Test The Web Forward

The web standards we celebrate on Blue Beanie Day make possible a magnificent and powerful web of sites and services that are accessible to all people and devices. But this can only happen when browser makers and standards framers get all the details right. A new effort by the W3C and some of its member companies will help.

"Web applications built today need a robust and interoperable Web that only thorough browser testing can guarantee. To meet this new challenge, W3C is launching an unprecedented effort to rethink and scale up its testing offering." So says the W3C on its new Test The Web Forward site.

And while prior efforts to centralize such activities have failed or disappointed because of insufficient resources, the W3C and its partner companies are serious this time, and they have a plan. W3C testing lead Tobie Langel shares in more detail what we can expect from the platform.

Blue Beanie Day Comes But Once A Year

"Blue Beanie Day … is about we. We, the people who make websites. We who value the open web. Who believe the web is a medium capable of sharing every human experience. And who work hard each day to make great web content and great web experiences accessible to all.”—A List Apart: Blue Beanie Day Comes But Once A Year.

The other #bbd.